Gorji Biscuits with over half a century of experience in manufacturing biscuits, crackers, wafers, cookies and chocolate-coated biscuits is a familiar brand in the biscuit industry of Iran. The company has always placed the manufacture of quality products, attention to global markets, continuous training of employees and managers toward providing better products and attention to customer satisfaction at the forefront of its activities.

biscuits, crackers, cookies, wafers and chocolate-coated biscuits in line with its mission and by adhering to the principles of business ethics. Gorji believes that food security is the right of all human beings, and therefore, Gorji considers its mission to be the following:
1. Using committed and experienced manpower
2. Using the best modern technologies
3. Using the best raw materials, manufacturing, and packaging requirements
4. Responding to customer needs in the least possible time
5. Manufacturing products with the best quality and the most suitable price
6. Continuous increase in manufacturing and creating new products
7. Entering global markets

Gorji Bisucits Co., throughout its years of activity, has been known with the main brand of “Gorji”. In recent years, the company has also supplied products under the brand of Probis with the aim of creating a fighting brand

Minoo Industrial Group with six decades of productive activity is a well-known name in Iran’s food industry and a familiar name among consumers in different countries. Minoo is among the first companies to introduce the Iranian people to sweets and chocolates and industrial snacks, and now the Minoo Industrial Group is one of the most prosperous sweets and sweets industry in the country.